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Cindy as Guest on Web Promotion Panel

Victor Solis invited Cindy to a panel on promoting your content online.

WATCH the Video here. Great times and follow everyone on the panel. They are all excellent in different ways.

WATCH Victor & his collaborators on our Creators Watch EP1.

Are you a writer, filmmaker, artist, musician, blogger, or content creator? You have fantastic content, but how do you reach and engage your audience?Join our panelists online as we discuss:
– Promotional strategies that succeed
– Tactics that don’t

– Secret social media weapons of choice
– New tools that you can use to promote your content to even wider audiencesPanelists will include:
Goldie Chan (Cost of Capital series) @GoldieChan @CostofCapitalTV
Cindy Marie Jenkins (Web Series Watch, Outreach Nerd) @CindyMarieJ
Michael Nixon (Geek Crash Course series) @MichaelNixon @GeekCrashCourse
Brittani Noel (Stockholm series) @BrittaniNoel @WatchStockholm
Angelique Toschi (TransMedia LA social media director) @Lhriangel
Moderated by Victor Solis (co-creator of Generic Girl series, Digital Spill interview show). @VictorSolis @GoGenericGirl
WATCH via look forward to seeing you and answering your questions on-the-air. :)

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