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Funding Fridays

Hello! Part of our mission involves becoming a resource for the community of artists and audience. If you have a fund-raising

Rainbowcampaign – now or in the future – please send us the link by commenting below or via @WebSrsWatch and we will list every Friday and RT as we receive them w/ #FundingFridays hashtag.

(This is a branch of CMJ’s ongoing series Funding Fridays. Contact cindymariejenkins(at)gmail(dot)com for an interview slot.)


Kickstarter Tips from Diani & Devine 

(More soon)

One thought on “Funding Fridays

  1. Hey! Our fundraiser is at
    It’s the story of a failing acting teacher in LA that convinces his students to work in his role playing/fetish cleaning business in an effort to save the studio. I’ve been able to wrangle together award winning actors and a stellar crew. Take a look! And THANK YOU for hosting this. awesome

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