Kickstarter Tips

Last Friday as part of TheCMJStories’ Funding Fridays series, I interviewed Gabe Diani & Etta Devine on Kickstarter Tips for Success.

kickstarter, Huck Finn, crowd-funding

Diani & Devine raised nearly $60,000 w/ 2 creative Kickstarters.

You can watch the whole video here or this playlist of selected topics:

Play All

Kickstarter Tips Pt1: Intro


Kickstarter Tips Pt2: Huck Finn Origins & Success

Kickstarter Tips Pt3: What Makes a Good Kickstarter Video?

Kickstarter Tips Pt4: Create Brand Ambassadors

Kickstarter Tips Pt5: How Many Hours a Day?

Kickstarter Tips Pt6: How Often to Update?

Kickstarter Tips Pt7: Is There a Market?

Kickstarter Tips Pt8: Getting Press Coverage


Comment on the videos if you have questions & we’ll answer them.

Happy Crowd-sourcing!

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