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Creators Watch EP2: Skyrim Parodies

WED 12/11 at 10am PT

Creators Watch Ep2

Kristen Nedopak of Skyrim Parodies


skyrimKristen Nedopak is a Creator, Actress and Host of several popular series and films, including The Skyrim ParodiesOutta This World: The Art of Fantasy & Sci-FiPUCKER and The Wheel of Time News. In early 2012, Skyrim: To Lydia with Love (2012 Dragon*Con Film Festival official selection) gained Nedopak recognition, and she has since then managed a successful IndieGoGo Campaign to fund six more parodies currently in post-production. She is currently partnering with Jedi Camp Director Bill Ostroff to create The Geekie Awards, an awards event for geek artists, cosplayers, filmmakers and more.

Kristen is the co-creator/host of the original series Fight Class, where she works with movie swordmasters to recreate popular fight scenes from film and television; and a host/producer of the popular geek show Think Hero TV, partnering with major networks such as HBO, Starz, SyFy and The WB/CW to cover all things geeky on TV. Kristen can be seen on the cover of Faery World Magazine for her one-of-a-kind costume creations, and she’s been featured in publications such asCupcake Pin-up Magazine’s special “Freaks & Geeks” editionGirls of Geek 2012 calendar, The Mary Sue, Geek Tyrant, GirlGamer, Pop Culture Monster and 30+ other popular outlets for her work in film/web.

Kristen is the founder of the popular ‘Geek Girls Create‘ panel and was recently one of this year’s ‘Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con’ panelists (voted one of the best panels at Comic-Con 2012), as well as a recent guest speaker at the Women’s 2.0 Conference.

Recent press honors include a feature in the “Who’s Who at Comic-Con” geek edition of International House of Geek (, and she’s been added to Mandatory’s “20 Hottest Geek Girls of the Internet” list as well as dubbed one of the “Sexiest Actresses at Comic-Con” by Gorno for the second year in a row (

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