Premiere Watch: Standard Action

Season 2 premieres Dec 20th

Season 2 premieres Dec 20th

We always look for ways to be useful to the web series world, connecting the audience with quality entertainment. One way might be to help people know when they can find new episodes of a series, so send us your regular days/times that you program! Comment below or email info to webserieswatchers at gmail . -CMJ & PJR

*****Standard Action Season 2 Announcement*****

(from their press release)

One of the best fantasy-comedy webseries to come out of Canada, Standard Action, has some exciting news to share: we will be launching our second season on December 20th!

We are super excited and very proud to announce that we will be posting an all new, full-length teaser episode for Standard Action on December 20th. This will be an “Episode 0″ in the tradition of Season 1, and you’ll have one whole day to watch it before the world ends!

The official launch of Season 2 will be Tuesday, January 8 with Episode 1: The Board is Set. Shiny brand new episodes will follow every two weeks on Tuesdays. On the weeks that we don’t post an episode, we will keep you entertained with behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes, and other extras.

Thanks to our awesome fans, we ran a very successful IndieGoGo campaign to fund an 8 episode run. We were able to level up most of our gear, both on camera and off, so the show looks and sounds better than ever.

All four main characters, Wendy, Edda, Martin and Fernando return this season. Armed with new and improved gear, they attempt to track down the few leads Torval left behind, with chaotic results. Old faces and new greet them as they travel to surprising and unknown places, inevitably causing destruction and hilarity before meeting an enemy like no other. Join them as they stumble closer to their destinies and discover the price of becoming a hero.

We hope that you enjoy watching Season 2 as much as we did making it. If you’re interested in doing any sort of interview, review, etc, please let us know! This season is going to be awesome and we have some pretty cool stuff planned around it that we would love to talk about.

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