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Special IAWTV Awards Coverage Jan 8-9th


EP 7 & 8 in Las Vegas!

w/ Cindy Marie Jenkins & Patty J. Robinson

A new monthly series to bring you the best in that wild west of entertainment: the Web Series!

This week we cover the IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) Awards.


MON JAN 7th on YouTube

Special Travelogue Videos all day

TUES JAN 8th on YouTube

Creators Watch Specials, including: Stockholm the Series 

David Nett (Creator of GOLD, Night of the Zombie King, upcoming Alice & the Monster).

Follow  @WebSrsWatch for live winner announcements

WED JAN 9th on YouTube

10am PST – Awards Wrap-Up

10PST SOON (updated 10:00pm 1/9/13) In-Depth Interviews & Reactions


WATCH past Episodes

Are you nominated? Email webserieswatchers at gmail for an interview!


2 thoughts on “Special IAWTV Awards Coverage Jan 8-9th

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