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2013 Update!

We took a wee break from bringing you the best of the web series world to refresh, regroup and recharge!

Needless to say, we are so grateful and appreciative of the warm welcome our series received when it first began on The CMJ Stories and now that it migrated to a channel of its very own!

More announcements soon, but here is the first one, brought to you by Cindy’s 2-day road trip to Oregon (we even added a beautiful beach picture below for good measure).

Read more about our IAWTV announcement here.

(If you follow our blog, then you got this announcement a little earlier than others. If not, well, why not? All the info to follow our blog is to the right or subscribe to YouTube!)

Manzanita Beach picture just because it’s beautiful:

oregon beach

Family & Dogs on the Manzanita Beach

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