IAWTV Awards Playlist & Vegas Travelogue

Join Cindy & Patty on our many adventures through Vegas, including the IAWTV Awards!

Full coverage tonight at 10pm PST  below!. Were you there or watching the live-stream? Let us know!


From IAWTVAwards.org

Best Animated Series – Red vs. Blue
Best Cinematography – H+ The Digital Series – Brett Pawlak
Best Comedy Series – Squaresville
Best Costume Design – The League of S.T.E.A.M. – The League of S.T.E.A.M.
Best Design (Art Direction/Production) – Continuum – Eric Whitney
Best Directing (Comedy) – My Gimpy Life – Sean Becker
Best Directing (Drama) – Anyone But Me – Tina Cesa Ward
Best Directing (Non-Fiction) – The Flog – Sean Becker
Best Documentary Series – PRODIGIES
Best Drama Series – Leap Year
Best Editing – Continuum – Blake Calhoun
Best Educational Series – Engineer Your Space
Best Ensemble Performance – Squaresville
Best Female Performance (Comedy) – My Gimpy Life – Teal Sherer Teal
Best Female Performance (Drama) – Blue – Julia Stiles – Blue
Best Host (Live) – What’s Trending – Shira Lazar
Best Host (Taped) – Daily Grace – Grace Helbig
Best Hosted (Live) Series – What’s Trending
Best Hosted (Taped) Series – Daily Grace
Best Interactive/Social Media Experience – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Best Live Event – Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics
Best Makeup/Special Effects – The League of S.T.E.A.M. – The League of S.T.E.A.M.
Best Male Performance (Comedy) – The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour – Jeff Lewis
Best Male Performance (Drama) – The Booth at the End, Season 2 – Xander Berkeley – Leed
Best News Series – The Philip DeFranco Show
Best Online Channel – Nerdist Channel
Best Original Music – Cost of Capital – Rob Gokee
Best Supplemental Content – Red vs. Blue
Best Variety Series – Rhett & Link
Best Visual Effects (Digital) – H+ The Digital Series – Faction Creative and The Sequence Group: VFX Supervisor Ian Kirby; Digital Effects Supervisor Chris van Dyck; VFX Producer Caleb Bouchard
Best Writing (Comedy) – Squaresville – Matt Enlow
Best Writing (Drama) – The Booth at the End, Season 2 – Christopher Kubasik
Best Writing (Non-Fiction) – The Flog – Felicia Day

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