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Creators Watch: The Digits & 11th Inspector

WED 1/16 at 10am PT

Creators Watch 

Scotty Iseri, Founder & Creator of The Digits

& Travis Richey, the Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler who can Also Travel Through Time

Scotty Iseri
 Scotty Iseri is a theatre and new media artist based out of Portland Oregon. His work includes the popular all-ages web series “ScottyGotAnOfficeJob”, the live touring act “The Big Rock Show” and the Paper Hat Game. He was the writer and director behind “MerryHolidaysPleaseHold, a branded series billed “The Worldʼs First Internet Christmas Special”. Scotty has won numerous awards for his writing, musical composition, and sound design, was an inaugural mentee for the CenterForAsianAmericanMediaʼs Fellowship and was a finalist for the Public Radio MakersQuest 2.0 grant. He has years of experience in children’s theatre, has produced for Chicago Public Radio and was a teacher in Chicago’s After School matters.

sarah paviSara Castilleja – Pavi is a middle kid from a small family. She likes to find ways to stand out and has always insisted on doing things her own way. When her younger brother Danny took up the violin, Pavi took up the electric bass. When her older sister Lakshmi went to study electrical engineering, Pavi tried to learn on her own by taking apart the toaster. These interests collided when she took apart her bass amp, doubled the power, and turned the amp up to 11. Needless to say it was more like an explosion to oneʼs ear than music!

This incident (#23 in the family log) really sums up Pavi: she tends to get a good idea and charge into it without fully thinking through the consequences. In fact, thatʼs how Pavi first met The Digits. When Ray Ray and Gorgolax crash landed in her backyard, it was all due to Paviʼs smarts and resourcefulness that she was able to fix their ship before they were detected—but it was her impulsive side that made her gun the engine and leave her home behind.
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Travis Richey 
Infinity Knight
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