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Creators Watch at IAWTV: Stockholm the Series

Special On-Site Coverage of the  IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas. 

Creators Watch with Stockholm the series

stockholm syndrome

Pardon the loud waterfall. 

tumblr_m8vaq2TLcj1rvpsqxIAWTV Nominee (Best Writing in a Comedy) SCOTT BROWN:
Scott Brown is a writer/director currently focusing in the digital space. In 2010 Scott directed the six-episode dramatic web seriesAsylum, acquired by BET digital for a second season.  In 2009, Scott created and directed the five-episode web comedy Blue Movies, which earned him a Streamy Award nomination for Best Director. The show has been seen by over 6 million viewers, and is distributed on and Virgin Airlines. Scott was also the director and editor of online content for the Spike TV’s series Blue Mountain State in their second season, creating over 60 scripted videos for the show’s website.  Now he writes and directs content for Youtube Premium Channels as well as other online destination websites and currently works as producer and director on HULU’s newest show Larry King Now.

tumblr_m8vbdy8RZM1rvpsqxIAWTV Nominee (Best Male Performance in a Comedy) ZACK GOLD:
A native of Northern California, Zack Gold now lives and works in Los Angeles. He is a member of Theatre Banshee, which The Los Angeles Times named LA’s Best Mid-Sized Theatre and often works with Oscar winner Tim Robbins at The Actors Gang. Lead roles in feature films have taken Zack on location to China, Iraq, and Alaska. He received his B.F.A. in theatre from the University of California, Santa Barbara and won a “Best Actor” award at the Lenaea Fringe Festival.


tumblr_m8vbqpQOzd1rvpsqxPRODUCER/Lead Actress BRITTANI NOEL:
Actress/Producer Brittani Noel, a native Angelino, enjoys surprising people with her unexpected fluent Hungarian outbursts.  You can catch her alongside Frank Stallone and Robert Miano as the conniving and sassy Donna in the feature American Mobster: Miami Shakedown and spot her “porn star” cameo in Scott Brown’s Streamy Award nominated web comedy Blue Movies.  Brittani has been active in TV, Film and the Web since graduating from USC with a B.A. in Dramatic Arts.  She also studied abroad at BADA (the British American Dramatic Academy) in England.  Brittani is currently learning to kick-ass through the Brazilian martial arts of Capoeira and looks forward to her first action role!

WATCH Stockholm the Series

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