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NEWS: Surfing Aliens to give away ad money to web TV Creators

surfing aliens

Saturday at 10am PST, Cindy will talk with Tim Keaty of Surfing Aliens.
A podcast/interview site, Tim contacted us because he wants to spread the word about a very cool offer for web creators. At the time they receive money for their ad clicks, Surfing Aliens will give those profits to the web series of their choice. 
We’ll get into more details in the interview

but here are some key points to this deal:

CMJ: How will you choose the beneficiary?
TK: One of the big factors is trusting that the promised product will happen. Either a previous web series or film is one way to show that. Some of it is  going to be a hunch. The willingness to work with us and promote this project will certainly play a factor, we will be more likely to put money on a campaign if the people involved are referring their friends,family and supporters. Timing will be important,  Who actually has a campaign running at that time we receive money. We do not receive commissions until 30-60 days after a purchase.
CMJ: Why did you and your team want to use the profits this way?
TK: This is mostly a pay-it-forward project, but it costs no extra money to
click through our site and the commission we receive will fund some future

So listen to the short interview, let them know if you’re interested, and click on their ads. One more step before heading to your amazon account can help fund independent Creators!

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