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Creators Watch: Napoleon Bon Appetit

Rogue Creators Watch!

Cindy talks to Derek Houck & Katherine Browning, Co-Creators/Stars of Napoleon Bon Appetit.

Your friendly neighborhood office geek, Derek Houck was raised on chocolate, video games, and Kevin Costner films. Derek appeared in the season three premiere of United States of Tara and stars as Napoleon in the web series Napoleon Bon Appétit. Other film credits include Aaron Mento’s Standards of Living, Polly Staffle Films’ Super Undead Doctor Roach, and’s Cataclysmo. Theater credits include The View From HereCaptain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts From the Fifth Dimension, and UG: The Caveman Musical (LA premiere). He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and has trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and the Stephen Book Acting Workshop.

Katherine Browning may look like just another girl next door, but she’s something more. She’s a superhero, creating a world of possibility through integrity and fearlessness. She champions films with an indie spirit, starring in the independent horror film “The Rental.” The web series Napoleon Bon Appétit, which she produced and starred in, earned a screening at the AOF International Film Festival and got distribution through 20/20 Productions. Currently, her heroic self is producing a YouTube channel called “The Katherine Browning.” She’s also co-writing a new comedic web series, “Doomsday Preparatory Academy,” in which she’ll produce and star, in early 2013. And lastly, Katherine is slated to star in Internal Medicine and a third season of Napoleon Bon Appétit.

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