Superheroes! on Web Series Watch


WED JAN 23 at 10am PT – POSTED!

w/ Cindy Marie Jenkins & Patty J. Robinson

This week we bring you our pick of SUPERHEROES, including:

superknockedup large


Web series and comic book about a female super-villain who gets knocked up by a superhero. Season 2 coming Feb. 2013 superknockedup.com



Irreverent web-series about 4 Action Figures on a Young Boy’s Shelf. ShelfLifeSeries.com  –  YouTube.com/ShelfLifetheSeries


medium_Ad_of_S7_promo_2__1_bad daysyt-avatar-gillian-400SDCC_2012_Poster

PEEK at our on-Set Pictures

web seriesA new monthly series to bring you the best in that wild west of entertainment: the Web Series!

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