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NEWS – SlumberCon!

From the creative minds of Stephanie Thorpe and Jennifer Landa, comes SlumberCon! An interview based webshow to bring you the geeks and creators that thrive in a Con Environment.

We’re really looking forward to this show, just so we can further our own geeky fandom. Look for friend of the show, Kristen Nedopak! There is no release date yet, however, Stephanie and Jennifer are looking into a few different options. I know that we’ll be eagerly awaiting the premiere! (Now? How about now? When will then be now?)

If you’re like me, and you need more right now, you’re in luck. Jennifer has a YouTube Channel where you can watch how she makes geeky cuisine, her cosplay outfits, and a whole lot more of Star Wars Goodness. You can also find more at her website, You can find Stephanie in the webworld in several ways, but you should check out her site:

Find them on Twitter: @JenniferLanda & @TheStephThorpe


-Patty Jean

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