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Patty Jean Reviews: 12 Steps to Recovery

12 Steps to RecoveryAs Cindy and I tackle the webseries romance genre and review shows, we’re also going to blog about shows we couldn’t fit into our episodes. The first of which is 12 Steps to Recovery.

“The newly dumped Parrish receives help from his friends Blue and Dani when they set him up on 12-Blind Dates to heal his heart. It’s Sex and The City meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with some cinnamon and spice.”

Poor Parrish Diaz has had his heart ripped out by his ex, Sheryl. While his BFFs, Blue and Dani, both have different takes on how to get over a breakup, they agree that the best thing for him to do is to get back out into the dating world. They’re going to set him up on 12 blind dates so Parrish can see that there is more out there than just a broken heart.

Each episode follows Parrish, (played by Kaleber Soze), on a date that goes horribly wrong. They all start out well, and for one hilarious reason or another, it just doesn’t work out. His friends seem to be setting him up on bad dates. You realize over the arc of the stories, Blue, (Stephen Hill),  isn’t necessarily thinking with his mind, and Dani, (Erika Myers),  seems bent on sabotaging the dates. It leaves Parrish trying to keep his head up, and I found myself beginning to cringe at the beginning of each date, wondering what he was in for that night.

I enjoyed the 1st season. It was great to see where Parrish made a date work as best he could, and yet see something go wrong. At the end of it all, he now has two dates left to go on, and there seems to be plenty of women Parrish could fall in love with. I can see that the second season will be, how does he find love and not break the hearts of the other women? How does he get through the last two dates? What the hell is in store for this poor guy?

There were two episodes where I thought the show veered away from the storyline a bit: they followed Parrish and Blue in an acting workshop reminiscent of the opening in Full Metal Jacket. While it was amusing, I think it stole a bit of focus away from the dates. Also a fun delight: some bad dates seem to keep popping back up in Parrish’s life. It’s fun to see where they find him and to see how it raises the awkwardness and pain of it all.

I’m looking forward to Season 2. There are promises that it’ll return this year, as a webseries,  perhaps even as a feature film!  No matter what, I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for Parrish. Good luck, man.

You can find 12 Steps all over the internet! I’m particularly fond of Tony Clomax’s Pinterest Board for the show. You can see all of the cast and crew in there. Looks like a lot of love and collaboration went into this show, and that’s truly my favorite thing when it comes to making a webseries. Find them on Facebook, YouTube, Blip, Punch TV, and Twitter,.

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