“Good Blood is Expensive”

Framed - Trailer - FrameJose Mojica contacted us about his new web series Framed. They filmed the pilot and now are raising money to finish the series.

With every kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, I ask key questions that determine whether I even continue to watch or read about it. Here is how Framed successfully answered all my questions:

Q: What is new or different about this project?

A: Premise is easy enough to grasp, characters look interesting. This is what interests me though:

“We are iFilmFlops, a team of filmmakers committed to bringing back suspense.

“It’s really hard to find a quality suspense series that the whole family can watch.” 

You’ll never see nudity or hear hard-core profanity in our series…but you will definitely see some corpses…and the chances of seeing blood are pretty good too…I wouldn’t rule out the occasional severed body part either.”

I don’t have youngins, but I see how watching suspense as a family could be an issue. They have a nice humor about it, aren’t shying away from the gore, and the company holds a clear objective. I like that.

Q: Does the intro video at least sustain my interest? 

A: Nine times out of ten, the video sucks. And when you’re a storyteller, especially a filmmaker, that just is not okay.  Videos should express the enthusiasm for the project and get a viewer excited to join the team.

Framed has a relatively simple video and it tells the story. They combine their own enthusiasm for the project with footage from the pilot. Music really helps give the feel. I met the creator but didn’t hear his whole backstory and why he created this blah blah blah before I got a peek at the story. It kept me on their kickstarter page and reading the description. Good first step.

Q: Good perks.

A: I like a t-shirt just as much as anyone (I wear my Funder BAMF t-short proudly), but sometimes perks are just snore-worthy. You don’t have a lot of money, or you wouldn’t be running a kickstarter (some exceptions remain). They mention their big perk in the video and it’s at the $500 level – you can get into their private group where they talk about their characters, scheduling, etc. That could be really fun and way beyond just a commentary. For me, that is the most interesting perk. I can’t pledge $500 myself, but it’s enough for me to stop and think if I know someone who would benefit from that perk and who could afford it.

Q: What is the money funding?

A: The headline says it all: good blood is expensive. I know this firsthand and appreciate their efforts to make a quality suspense film.

Framed  has a good start. They’re ten days from their goal and haven’t raised 10% of it, so I wonder what the kickstarter strategy was. It’s worth a look, and if you know people who like suspense but can’t watch it with their kids, send it along and see if they would donate to good entertainment.

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Submit your own fund-raising campaign below or by emailing webserieswatchers [at] the G of mail.

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