Goldie Chan: How to Look Like an Award-Winning Webseries Writer

I saw Goldie’s fabulous and informative tweets while she received writer submissions, and asked her to send us tips. There is nothing like hearing directly from the people looking at your work. -CMJ
I’ve been doing the awards circuit for my own webseries, Cost of Capital, and I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of the best writers in the industry. But before we get to glamorous award shows full of models and drunken congratulations, there’s that point at which you decide if you write your show yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.
Here’s my top 5 tips for new (and old) writers interested in the webseries space after reviewing hundreds of current writer resumes.
1. Have GREAT grammar and spelling.
Make sure that you have someone proofread your letter before sending it out or just make sure to double-check everything you’ve written before sending it to your potential new boss(es). It makes a huge difference when I’m looking for writers if they can, well, write.
2. Be charming and not frightening.
We all want to write sassy cover letters showing off our individual personalities. Just know that sending half-naked headshots, using swear words and coming across as bitter or frustrated does not make me want you to be part of my team. A little bit of personality is wonderful. Too much can be frightening. Speaking of which –
3. Be positive.
The best cover letters were from writers who were excited about the chance to write XYZ show and were the ones that looked like they would be good working with my creative team.
4. Be specific.
What can you bring to the table? Is the series horror-gothic? Maybe you have a couple of spec scripts you can show the Producer/Director that are already in that genre. Maybe you have worked in that genre doing script coverage. Let me know and I’m better able to understand your full qualifications.
5. Have a resume online.
If you are submitting to a job online, you MUST have a resume and/or easily navigable website where I can easily find your resume and possible writing samples. No Flash, no gifs, nothing that doesn’t help you land the job.
Thanks, Goldie! Have any thoughts to add or questions? Comment below!
Biography: Goldie Chan is a Showrunner, Writer and Social Media Strategist in the webseries space. Her latest award-winning show, Cost of Capital, reached #4 overall on IMDB for a day. You can learn more about her work and love of Twitter at

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