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Is Love Different on the Web? Special Creators Watch

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Is Love Different on the Web?

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Breaking Point

Breaking Point

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JO BOZARTH has worked on both film and new media projects as a writer, director, producer,and (first and foremost) an actress. For her role as Eros in the web series “The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros”, she was awarded Indie Intertube’s Best Actress in a Comedy in 2012. Jo currently lives in Los Angeles, and continues to pursue her acting career.

DARREN CHADWICK is Creator of The Bloody Mary Show. The Bloody Mary Show is an ongoing webseries, the first season of which is presented in seven instalments. It tells of Bloody Mary (who is actually extremely nice) and how she spends her downtime with her friends Abdabs, Malevolent and Viscera.

There are no vampires, werewolves or zombies in the show – Sorry.

The show is littered with loving references to British horror and folklore. We adore the genre and are very loyal. We’ve taken an American concept (in this case the Bloody Mary legend) and anglicised it.

How did the show come about? – It started with sleep paralysis. A terrifying condition where your body is rigid but your higher brain functions still work. The experience is often accompanied with horrific hallucinations. This happened to the writer, who decided to give a personality to the hallucination in order to (in)humanise it so if it happned again, it wouldn’t be so terrifying. It led to a short screenplay called Winifred whose job is to scare those with the condition before it becomes life threatening. The script was too ambitious for a short and over eighteen months it was rewritten and rewritten, Winfred evolving into Viscera along the way. Other characters were added and the focus was changed to Bloody Mary, a character unfamiliar to a lot of British people. We’d love the series to go global. If you’re interested, contact us!….

OTESSA GHADAR, a Washington DC native, is an independent film maker and web series creator on the rise. Since 2007, Otessa has been an acclaimed pioneer of the of the web series format. She is the creative force behind “Orange Juice in Bishops Garden (OJBG),” a story of teens growing up, getting down, and coming out in DC during the ’90s. The show started as Otessa’s MFA Thesis at Columbia University’s Film School and has since gone viral.

Now in its sixth season, OJBG is one of the oldest and longest running web series online and is rising in popularity in more than 140 countries around the world.  The DC Gov Office of Film named Otessa as a recent Filmmaker of the Month and her show, OJBG, is a Telly Award Winner, 3 time LA Web Fest Winner, and Webby Official Honoree… (plus a few other noms & upcoming selections, but let’s not get crazy here!)  Always on the look out for fostering the ITV medium, Otessa also consults, distributes, and assists other shows whenever possible.

Otessa’s work has sparked somewhat of a movement among her followers. Presenting an honest & diverse portrayal of teen life during adolescence and giving a voice to the local LGBT community, Otessa and her show seek to empower and connect young adults around the world. OJBG is provoking and free thinking; it embodies the rebelliousness of the ’90s grunge era while tackling social issues that surround youth across the world, such as sexuality, bullying, peer pressure, and intolerance. In Orange Juice in Bishops Garden, nothing is taboo, nothing too personal, or too intimate.



Twitter: @OJBishopsGarden



AVI GLIJANSKY is an independent Writer/Director/Producer of shorts and web series based in Los Angeles. His new media work includes “The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros” (IAWTV Award Nominee: Best Supplemental Content, Indie Intertube Award nominee: Best Dramedy) and “The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventures Club” (CTW4 Winner:Judges Prize). His work has screened at festivals across the country and been featured on Tubefilter, BBC 5’s Outriders Podcast, Those Video Guys, and Indie Intertube, among others.He’s currently in post on “The Ladies” and “The Gents”, two companion web series which he produced alongside Robb Padgett, Steve Lekowicz and Tanya Ihnen of KATR Pictures and Stephanie Thorpe of Ultimatum Entertainment.
CARYN K. HAYES A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and New Orleans native, Caryn has been writing fiction since grade school and has had her short story, “The Call,” published in the New Voices Literary Journal. She has produced, written and coordinated numerous documentary and corporate videos, short films, independent features, TV pilots and commercials. She is also a two time winner of the TV Pilot Award in the original script competition presented by the Organization of Black Screenwriters for “The Ridge” in 2007 and “Dirty Thirties” in 2009. In the spring of 2008, Caryn began producing her own work under her production company, Hardly Working Entertainment, with a dramdey pilot titled “Men, Interrupted.” The next year, her short film, “Every Dawg Has His Day,” was selected to appear in the 2009 San Diego Black Film Festival.Caryn began creating content for the internet in 2008, starting as a producer for Her first comedic web series, “the world of cory & sid,” was nominated for Best Television or Web Series in 2009 by the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival. She received an Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series award for her second series, “Breaking Point,” from the 2011 Los Angeles Web Series Festival. To date, BP has been nominated for 17 awards with four wins. Caryn is currently in post-production on her relationship dramedy, “Entangled With You.”In between her various freelance gigs, she continues to seek out & create content for any format. Engaging and fun, Caryn can also mix over 250 drinks, is comfortable with high volume and can roll calls like nobody’s business.

Specialties: Writing relationship stories is a passion of mine, so anything I write is sure to have characters you’ll remember, whether you love or hate them. And, of course, I love producing and am very experienced in getting a lot done with very little. That said, I can’t wait until I have a budget big enough where I can put down a few of these hats. Whew!

JOSH HEINE  is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he studied at Atlantic Theater Company Acting School, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Stonestreet School of Film and Television. Theater credits include the world premier of My First Time and the co-lead in Jewtopia, Diving Normal at Fringe NYC (Outstanding ensemble award). Josh understudied the title character in Wendy Wasserstein’s last play, Third, at Lincoln Center, and starred in Sick opposite Andre DeShields at the Summer Play Festival. Regional credits include Picnic (Baltimore Centerstage) and Women and Wallace (Williamstown Theatre Festival). He played Benjamin in the national tour of The Graduate (Las Vegas). Josh is an IAMA theater company member. LA theatre credits include The Accidental Blond by Lesley Headland and House of Gold at Ensemble Theater Studio West. Film: Nice Knowing You, Manslaughter, Exposed, A Night in the Hill. Television: “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday”, “Without a Trace”, “Law & Order: CI”, “Off The Map”, “The Exes”. Web: The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros (Cupid), The Silverlake Badminton and Adventurers Club.

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