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Video Games in Media

I didn’t know the name of the movie that gave us that iconic image of a damsel in distress tied to the railroad tracks.

Is that important? It’s a good reminder that all icons begin somewhere; they are man-made.

Wednesday’s review show centers on video game shows, and Feminist Frequency’s series Damsel in Distress premiered right after we shot the episode. That’s what I get for planning ahead! So here is why it’s worth watching.

Take a look. As she says at the beginning, dissemination and criticism does not mean we cannot enjoy media.

We should understand which prejudices we perpetuate through art. The Damsel in Distress certainly prevails in our culture, not just video games.

Art has power. Let’s wield it wisely.

(Thanks to Adela Kuehn for reminding me about this series.)

How Damsels in Distress are not actually part of medieval history:

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