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#RUGeekie at Wondercon

the geekie awards

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If you want to see the amazing Judges from The Geekie Awards on their Wondercon panels, here’s the list:

1:30 PM Alan Kistler @SizzlerKistler  – Comics and Journalism
2:30 PM Katrina Hill @ActionChick, Jenna Busch @JennaBusch, America Young @America_Young – Most Dangerous Women Panel

Noon Stephanie Thorpe @TheStephThorpe – Geeking Out with the League of Extraordinary Ladies
6:30 PM Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes-  Elfquest 35th Anniversay
6:30 PM Katrina Hill, Alan Kistler, Jenna Busch – Geeks Get Published

And remember to find us via @WebSrsWatch , @CindyMarieJ & @PattyJRobinson – we’ll be there and want to meet you!

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