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FUNDING: The Keepers WebSeries

Two unconventional special agents team up with a rebellious super hero to battle the ever increasing population of villains.

The Keepers is a new WebSeries hitting an internet near you. They currently are in the middle of a 30 day Kickstarter campaign, and need your help to reach $30K!

Childhood friends Stephen Taylor, (Anger Management, Vegas, Water For Elephants,
Transformers 3, Heroes), Kevin Alejandro,  (True Blood, Golden Boy, Southland, Shark, Ugly Betty, Weeds), and Adam Conger, (NCIS, Crimnal Minds, Scrubs, Wizards of Waverly Place), have joined together to create a series about special agents, superheroes, and big meanies, aka, villains. Not only will they make a webseries, but a digital comic book as well. Among other things, perks include limited edition t-shirts, copies of the comic book, a chance to be on set, and the super duper perk of having a dinner with the guys.

They’ve had a pretty fun campaign so far, and here’s Patty’s favorite perk video ever:

They’re half way through their campaign and are hovering around $5000. Spread the word about this awesome trio and their series! They have several interviews you can read up on:

Bello Mag – Kevin shares what it was like to shoot the pilot for The Keepers.

NBC Latin0 – While talking about working on Golden Boy, Kevin also shares that The Keepers has been a long time dream now coming true.

Tonight the guys will be on LA Talk Radio at 5pm PT/8pm ET to talk about The Keepers! For more info go here: – click channel 2 listen live!

Keep your eyes on @KeepersSeries as well as their website, as they unfold more perks and good times for their fans and followers.


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