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#FundingFridays The Web Series Edition

OK, I know it isn’t Friday. But these are long overdue shout-outs!

Congrats to Re-Election: A Web Series for meeting their $25,000 Goal!

Mid-level campaign staffer Jamie must figure out how to undo an election day defeat in order to escape reliving the day over and over.

Girls with Swords VS the Brotherhood of Bros

Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse

Is it harder for two comedians to survive an apocalypse or Hollywood? Diani & Devine spent five months making their initial video (below) & release 1 or 3 new ones every day. They only have a couple of days left, and could use everyone’s help!

Although they are kickstarting for a feature film, their 30+ #Apocatips create a web series in & of itself. You also may just see a familiar face in #Apocatips #14 .


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