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What a Hiatus

Hello! You may have read my co-hort Patty’s blog on how she’s kept herself busy these past few months. So here is what I’ve been

Me & some of the Gracie & Rose: a solo show team

Me & some of the Gracie & Rose: a solo show team


June brought the Hollywood Fringe Festival, always a great place to meet creators of the live arts. I do my best to bring as much interesting coverage to self-producers in May and June as possible, and this year I also worked with Anastasia Coon to promote her new solo show. Anastasia hired me thanks to a grant by the Center for Cultural Innovation, if you’re looking for new ways to fund your art.

July was recovery from the Fringe and also working on some other outreach projects. Patty and I also continued brainstorming on how to make Web Series Watch more useful for audiences, to attract new people to the web series world. Not too eventful, mostly work, but then…..

August While Patty was at the Derby, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful night at The Geekie Awards! After months of interviewing judges and seeing Kristen Nedopak create this idea from the ground up, watching the awards ceremony was just a treat. Be sure to follow The Geekies for 2014 information – so many great categories!

Then…..I found out that I’m pregnant! Yep, we have a little Hobbit on the way, due March 15th. We did have to turn our living room/green screen studio back into just a living space, and many more changes on the way. If you want to follow along the TMI, NSFW snark about being pregnant, follow @PregnancyNerd or the tumblr.

September is sort of a blur because of August’s news. Work got pretty real with my position as Communications Director at 24th ST Theatre, whose mission is to engage, educate and provoke our diverse 24th stcommunity with excellent theatre and arts education.

October Patty & I also began really sitting down to strategize how we can best bring your web stories to new audiences. You’ll see more on the site starting now, as well as more frequent activity on Facebook and Twitter. Please also see our new Submission guidelines.

November – Now I am currently on a web series watching binge, thanks to your submissions and the IAWTV Awards tweeting out everyone who submitted (a great place to learn about new shows!). I appreciate everyone’s patience as we return from hiatus.

We also started our new monthly show Web Series Talk, with special guest Tanya Ihnen. more on the way, so tell us your questions, guest suggestions in the comments below.

Also, Ed Robinson from Pairings and Erik from Snobby Robot missed #webserieschat on Wednesdays at 11amPT/2pmET, so decided to begin it again. We haven’t heard back from the original moderators, and remain in their debt for their work beginning such a feat from scratch. If anyone has ideas for topics or would like to co-moderate, let us know!

Hope to see you around the web series space!

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