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Patty Jean Reviews: Research

If you’re looking for what life is like inside a research company, then I have a webseries for you. Research stars Gabriel Diani and Autumn Hurlbert, and features such delightful names as Barry Bostwick and Doug Jones. It follows the story of Dave, who works for a research and testing facility, and how he deals with his eccentric coworkers.

Created by Adam Hall and Kahle McCann, Research is a world filled with loveable quirks. It never runs away from the odd situations that it creates, but rather embraces every odd, fantastical moment making you giggle throughout the episode, and into the minisodes that follow.

Dave, (Gabriel Diani), is charged with running a smooth operation by his certifiable genius of a boss, Grant, (Kahle McCann). His co-worker, Taylor, (Autumn Hurlbert) is maybe a bit too in love with him, and, Dr. Rust, (Barry Bostwick!), is off his rocker, hates to be called stupid, and is out to sabotage Dan and the tests.

The ensemble cast is just plain fun: Doug Jones as their one regular test subject, Denny. He is always eager to submit blood work and loves to participate in anything;  Sean Naughton plays an excellent mute minion to Dr. Rust; Kelly Huddleston is Taylor’s rival that you just love to hate.

Some other gems to look forward to in this show include a musical episode, in which I was reminded that Barry Bostwick is an excellent singer; their minisodes give insight to the smaller characters and thus the world they live in. I also enjoyed their tag videos, wherein the cast asks for subscriptions.

I only have one small complaint. I don’t know why Dave is staying around a group of kooks. You can see he is the most normal one of the bunch, and that he doesn’t really want to deal with craziness. What compels him to stay? Is it an amazing friendship with Grant, or an obscene amount of money? This may just be a small issue with me. When watching something like Arrested Development, when the quirk value is the same, I know what keeps Michael going and it helps me relate to his struggle of dealing with his insane family. However, by the end of episode 2, I’m sucked in by Research and their cast. I enjoy see how much they get to play as actors, that I forget my early frustration.

Go watch Research and enjoy the story as it unfolds. I think you’ll be pleasantly delighted! Why not tell me your favorite moments of Season 1 in the comments below?

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