Shows Worthy of Nominations or Wins

By Cindy Marie Jenkins

So now I can reveal I had the honor of being asked to judge two categories in the IAWTV Awards plus the eventual nominees. The reason I took on this task is because I wanted to watch and “meet” as many shows and creators as I could. Regardless of my feelings of awards shows in general, this group contains and nurtures an incredible amount of talent. IAWTV’s Staff (though I am sure most people are volunteer, if not all) give themselves a monumental task every year, and it was my privilege to watch as many of these shows as I did.

Inevitable, there are shows worthy of nominations who did not make it to the nominations or who I felt deserved more. Here are my top picks:

*Research (nominated for Best Original Music, opening theme by Kenny Wood). Read Patty’s review. Watch the Trailer.

*Mr. Right/Ms. Right (nominated for Best Interactive/Social Media Experience). This was a huge pleasant surprise to me. If you want to find new comedic talents, watch a few great episodes.

*A Fool’s Idea . Documentary on clowns, comedy and clowning. Fascinating. Watch them here.

*Lele’s Ratchet. Animated Romance Advice show by creator of Chilltown. Funny shit. Watch here.

Some mini-reviews that originally appeared on the LA FPI (Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative) blog:

little horriblesLittle Horribles. It took me a minute to get it. By it, I mean that it took me a second to sync – or perhaps sink –  into Amy York Rubin’s brain. Once there, it was such a delicious train wreck that I couldn’t stop. When caller i.d. adds “Be Cautious” to the caller’s name, and Rubin still picks up the phone, you know there is drama.

Rubin’s specific brand of comedy makes each episode feel like really great improv, or incredibly relaxed banter. This could be a documentary, the conversations feel so real. Jokes tend to hit from the inside out, sometimes trailing your guts along for the ride.

Take a look. You’ll know within the first two episodes if this is a show for you. And if it is, I guarantee you’ll be a fan for life like me.

Little Horribles ( is a Barnacle Studios ( production in collaboration with Issa Rae.

Created + Written by Amy York Rubin @ayrubin
Executive Producer: Issa Rae @issarae


producing julietProducing Juliet is by the same team I discovered last year with their pretty wonderful teen drama Anyone But Me. As its name suggests, many stories circulate around theatre artists. The fact that most of the main relationships are lesbian is just a fact, not a plot point or the butt of jokes like in most mainstream stories (vastly generalizing here). Writer Ward has developed a great craft out of writing for the web. With episodes lasting an average of nine minutes, she wields her ensemble well. We follow certain characters and in the next episode could be taken through the same time frame from a different vantage point which quite literally made me gasp once.

New series from Tina Cesa Ward Executive Producer/Writer/Director of “Anyone But Me” and star of “Anyone But Me” Rachael Hip-Flores.
Visit the website:
twitter @ProducingJuliet


the better half

The Better Half is absolutely delightful. Everyone can relate to these woes and triumphs of being in a relationship, even if you’ve never had to have the “stop instagramming your poop” conversation.


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