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2014 Submissions Open for The Geekie Awards

Last year Patty & I had the honor of hosting the #RUGeekie Weekly Hangouts, where we chatted up all the judges for The Geekie Awards that we could wrangle!

It really helped me understand the scope of talent involved, and how each category moved The Geekies towards much more of a unique experience than most awards shows. We forged friendships, got fan-girly sometimes, and just had a wonderful time!

You can watch all the #RUGeekie Hangouts here. Check below for Categories and you should definitely submit if applicable. These Judges are phenomenal. -CMJ


2014 Submissions Are Open!

We are BEYOND excited to finally be opening our call for submissions for 2014!

We’ve added new categories!

We’ve provided more perks for entering, including a chance to WIN show tickets!

We have 70 judges looking at your work this year… almost DOUBLE from last year!

All we’re missing now is YOU!

Submissions Mar 1 – May 31

Fees increase each month… 


Art & Craft
Comics & 
Graphic Novels
Geek Fashion


Indie Video Games


Online Personality


Podcasts & Vlogs

 Short Films

Tabletop Games


Trailers & Videos


 Web Series

Websites & Blogs


More details regarding categories, rules and how to enter can be found on
Kristen Nedopak
Producer / Creator of The Geekie Awards

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