#RUGeekie Weekly

The Geekie Awards asked us to host their #RUGeekie Hangout Series!


We’ll interview Judges & Nominees leading up to the awards. Check out their categories for nominations, too – it’s much more than just for geekie web series.

Ask questions & win prizes with  the #RUGeekie hashtag.

#RUGeekie Weekly!

Watch on The Geekie Awards YouTube Channel or Website.


Paula Rhodes!


WED Jan 13 – 12pm PST – Intro to The Geekie Awards w/ Kristen Nedopak (short teaser here)

SUN Jan 20 – 1:30pm PST – Meet Bonnie Burton, a Judge. 

WED Jan 23 – 12pm PST – Meet Victoria Schmidt, cosplayer Judge!

WED Jan 30 – 12pm PST – Meet Cricket Lee! WATCH here. 

WED Feb 13 – 12pm PST – Meet Alan Kistler, writer & conoisseur of the Geek. WATCH here.

WED Feb 27 – 11:30am PST – Meet Elisa Teague from Cupcake Quarterly & Joe Curtis from Geek Smash

WED Mar 6 – 12pmPT – Meet Leia Calderon @LadyVader99


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